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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Ya can't miss it." "Wanna bet?"

So, before I go to sleep at night, my mind often wanders to random things. Last night was no exception. My mind for some reason began to think about how much the phrase "ya can't miss it" bothers me.

It's often used when giving directions to people - "Go down the road about a mile then turn left on 3rd Street. It's about two blocks down on the right - ya can't miss it." To me that just triggers the response in my mind of "Great, I'm going to go right past it and look like an idiot." If I "couldn't miss it," I wouldn't be asking for directions in the first place now would I? Unless there is a giant monkey, a clown on a unicycle, or people sword-fighting to the death outside, I can definitely miss it.

If I'm on foot, yeah, I probably won't miss it since I can stop and look around without fear of being rear ended by the Hummer behind me. But if I'm driving, that's another story. Trying to pay attention to the road and other drivers while trying to look for a sign or building is a completely different story. I'm probably going to drive right on past it and have to make another pass back through to look for it unless I have a passenger that can be keeping an eye out for me.

Anyway, that's my randomness for the day.