Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blast from the Past: random thoughts

February 21, 2006

Well, life is plodding along as usual. Same classes, same job, same shit...different week. One interesting thing is I've gotten to know a friend better. So that's pretty cool, I really enjoy talking with her and spending time with her, she's pretty interesting...I've learned alot this past week. We're going to go see a movie tomorrow and get the hell out of the blackhole of Rolla for a bit. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since I saw the preview on MySpace (Bless you Tom). So I'm actually going to go see a movie instead of just saying that I'm going to go see it, which has been a rarity this past year....somebody is calling the department phone and it's 11pm...that's kind of creepy. Well I'm not answering it, that's just a horror flick waiting to happen .
I read submissions for the campus literary magazine today. Some of them were really good...after reading some I'd rather jab my eyes with a pointy, hot stick.
I also watched a video from Taty's new was a little odd. But I like the song "All About Us". The girls are still as hot as ever. :)
That's about it for my past few days I suppose...

Blast from the Past: Blah blah blah

February, 3, 2006

So it's about 5 o'clock and I;m sitting in my office trying to figure out what work I have to do for the next week. yeehaw. I'm surprised that so many faculty members are still here, I guess they really don't have lives. I guess that's why I love my department so much. That and there's a really hot professor :)...some students too.... Oh well. If only my gaydar worked.
I had a horrible weekend in Springfield stemming from my sister being a wretched bitch a lot of the time...she's in a good mood right now fortunately. Work kind of sucked too...but oh well, it pays the bills. If only a couple of my co-workers would fall off of the face of the planet it would be better. *drifts into a dreamland of a pleasant job* but alas....they still exist. I'm so looking forward to being able to leave that job, but I'll miss my customers. They make it worthwhile. And I'll miss Gene too...and maybe John.
I'm discovering that the pop-up blocker works when I don't want it to and doesn't work when I want it to. Piece of shit. Think I'll start using Mozilla or something.
Back to the grind...blegh.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blast from the Past: just another week

So, I decided that I'll start moving (some of) my blogs from years ago on MySpace to this blog. I won't be moving all of them since they won't be appropriate, and I'll probably be censoring them as well (in case a prospective employer is bored enough to read these). So, except for some censoring, they'll pretty much be the same blogs from years ago. I'm thinking I may move a few a day or so.

January 21, 2006 - Just Another Week

It's been kind of a weird week and past weekend. A little sleep deprived due to working a hella-long shift Saturday night and then having a toothache all week. I could kill Grant for calling sick....and John for being late the next day. I don't know why it's so damn hard to get up for work at 3 in the goddamn afternoon. I get to work on time at 6 in the ****ing morning and I have to get up at 3am to get there. At least Gene does a good job...and he should...he's the manager. I get to have my wisdom teeth yanked on the 31st...oh joy. I have a lot of reading to do for my classes, I'm indifferent about one of them unfortunately. I just wish I knew where we were going in the class...that would be nice. The professor is insane though. Today after the class I TA for her she stated I'm going home and having a gin and tonic, bwahahaha". No wonder we don't have any syllabus yet. I think it's getting to be about my bedtime....I hate having to get up so early to go to work. I think I'll fix a grilled cheese and tomato soup for din din and read part of the Abhorsen, yeah...that sounds like a good evening. Stupid job.